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E-alphab is our brand new e-learning platform, launched by alpha.b French school in Nice.

Do you want to learn French with alpha.b and our special methods acquired after 25 years of teaching French to foreigners but cannot come to Nice ?

E-alphab is for you !

Learn French with e-alphab

E-alphab will help you improve your French quickly and efficiently with a unique, intuitive and communicative teaching method we have developed over the years.

An international acclaimed school

All the courses, videos and exercices you will learn on e-alphab have been created by the teachers of alpha.b French school, the only language school in Nice with 3 quality labels.

Zoom & Skype

For our online group courses, our teachers will use Zoom and for individual lessons : Skype. In case of any technical issues, a staff member will be here to help you.

A dynamic French course

It will be exactly like if you were following a class in our school in Nice, with the same teachers. We will offer for each course a teaching method based on communication and interactive exercices.

Flexible Timetable

We offer online group courses in the morning (9 am to 12.10pm) for the Hybrid class or at the end of the day from 5pm to 7pm (Paris Time) for the virtual class. It is ideal if you need  to combine French courses with an active or a student lifestyle. For individual courses, you can choose your schedule !

Learn French at home

E-alphab offers quality French courses for its former students but also to anyone who wishes to learn French.

trained students

years of experience

team members at your service

hours of shooting videos

Why are we different ?

At E-alphab we have always pride on our differences.

A small team, in a family business.

A “homemade” way of creating, with our very own talents.

A unique teaching method with a different voice.

One and only purpose : share our passion for the French language with anyone and everyone !

Online Courses

E-alphab offer group online courses or private online courses several times a week.

Virtual classroom

French Online Group courses :

Intermediate Level : A2/B1

Advanced Level : B2/C1

Hybrid French courses : 

Beginner Level : A1

Advanced Level : B1+/B2

Private French courses :

All age, all levels

french virtual classroom

Days and times

Our French group courses will take place :

Mondays and Wednesdays from 5pm to 7pm (Paris Time) for intermediate level.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm (Paris Time) for advanced level.

Hybrid French courses :

From Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.10 pm (Paris Time) for beginner and advanced level.

Private French courses :

The students can choose their days and times.

our skills

At E-alphab, the students are our main focus.

We are here to offer them the best online courses.

1 projects, 12 passionate team members, thousand of students.

A student at home will benefit the same quality of teaching as the students in our school in Nice.

  • Communicative method – 97%
  • Client welfare – 95%
  • Happy mood – 100%
What they say about us
Our students are our best advocates, so here what they have to say !
The subjunctive was a little difficult to learn at first but I’m getting used to it. My teachers have been really helpful and I’ve even been able to start using it in normal conversations which was a pleasant surprise.
Michael C.

alpha.b student, Australia

Jean-Philippe, teacher at alpha.b, explained very well the “subjonctif” to us. I had a very good overview of the subject and I think with a little more experience I will use the “subjonctif” !
Julia H.

alpha.b student, Swiss

I have been carrying on my online studies with alpha.b with the course which is made up of 2 hours of class per week and independent study.

The teacher, Jean-Philippe, is really nice and is always happy to correct a little bit more work than is really necessary for the class itself.

Before each class there is something to prepare, but you are free to do as much or as little as you are able.

In this way this course is perhaps the best choice for people who still have very busy or unpredictable lives.

Annie P.

Student, UK

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