It is not always an easy task to learn French by yourself.

As everyone would agree that coming to France and immerse yourself in the French language for a certain amount of weeks is the best and more efficient way to learn French, we now have the opportunity to learn French in a different way.

But how to make sure you will get results ?

I will share with you 5 tips to learn French Online.

1. Find your favorite Youtube Channel

You cannot learn French without listening to it.

You can read all you want, learn all grammar rules by heart, if you never heard a French person speak you won’t be able to understand what they say.

That is why Youtube is a great way to learn French.

You have some channels that are specialised in teaching French, like our AlphabTV where you can find all our free French courses, teached by different teachers from our school in Nice.

You also have another very good channel “Français avec Pierre

But you can also decide to follow a French Youtuber to listen to their life, their stories, their thoughts. It’s a good practice to listen to French in Real Life. The famous Youtuber in France are for example : Cyprien, Norman fait des vidéos, Enjoy Phoenix, Remy Gaillard

2. Find a method that challenges you

Nothing worse than being bored while learning French.

You need to find a teacher that you enjoy.

A teaching method that works for you.

An App that is easy and interesting to use.

A course that is progressive and test your progress.

With e-alphab we developed a teaching method that encourages you to listen, think, read, write and speak in French.

We do not translate, we do not write in English or other languages so that your brain can entirely focus on French and only French.


It is the most efficient way to progress quickly.

We also offer exercices and summary sheets at the end of each new lessons, so you are challenged and tested on our plateforme.

Try out your first French lesson for free here. 

3. Repeat what you learnt

Only hearing a lesson once is not enough to fully assimilate it.

Often people want to go too fast and they don’t take time to fully comprehend a French lesson.

Each course can be understood to different level. At first you need to understand the theme, then understand the grammar, then understand the rules and then be able to apply those rules.

The last part is the hardest part but can easily be done by doing exercices at the end of every lesson.

4. Watch series and films in French

French cinema is one of the most famous in the world. Plus we have the Cannes Film Festival right ?

In the past, most of French movies were translated when they came out in the theater. But now, we have more and more opportunities to watch the movies and series in VO (version originale) with subtitles.

I would recommend to put French subtitles, so that your brain can read and hear at the same time. It’s much more efficient.

Some greats movies to learn French are :

  • Intouchable
  • La Famille Bélier
  • Amélie Poulain

5. Do “Dictées”

Maybe at school you dreaded “dictées” but now that you want to learn a new language it’s a great way to practice oral and written French at the same time.

In our French school in Nice we often use “dictées” with our students and even “la dictée sportive” ! But you’ll have to come to Nice to find out what it is 😉

In the meantime, our head of studies Priscilla recorded some dictées for our Youtube Channel that you can do by yourself with the correction.