Hi from Nice !

At the beginning of September, our French school alpha.b and its online school e-alphab relaunched our online French course.

During Spring time, alpha.b launched its first virtual French classes so its students can keep learning French even during the lockdown. We were very glad to have each week more and more students who wanted to improve their French during that period.

Summer has passed and we have reopened our school in Nice and welcomed hundreds of students during July and August.

Our school is still open right now and we offer on-site French courses as well as online French courses.

Within the next few weeks, we will also offer Hybrid courses but we’ll let you know more soon !

online french course

We really want to thank all the students who signed up and participated for the first 2 weeks and we are very glad you enjoyed the classes !

The first weeks, our teachers were Jean-Philippe and Delphine, who also are teachers in our school in Nice.

So they shared their time between on-site morning French class and virtual evening French course.

We are also very excited that our online French students come from all over the world : Canada, USA, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Brazil, France and even Koweit !

All of them were very happy to share their enthusiasm for the French langage.

Last week and for the next two weeks, your teacher will be Boris for both classes :

Monday and Wednesday from 5 to 7 pm (Paris Time) for intermediate level (A2/B1)
Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 7 pm (Paris Time) for advanced level (B2/C1)

Do you already know Boris ?

Maybe you have seen him on our Youtube Channel.

He did a few free French courses such as this one about the Future in French.

So would you like to improve your French the next week with Boris ?

Sign up right now and benefit from our Sale price of 50€ instead of 70€/week.