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Months to learn

Treat yourself with all the secret of the French subjonctive for just the price of 2 private lessons.

The Pack subjonctif

And we decided to put all this expertise in just 1 « Pack Subjonctif » that will cover all level from A2 to C1.

The pack is valid 4 months, starting on the date of purchase.

Chapter 1 : Introduction aux bases


Chapter 2 : Verbes réguliers et irréguliers


Chapter 3 : Les tournures impersonnelles simples


Chapter 4 : Les rapports de temps au subjonctif

Chapter 5 : Superlatifs et relatifs

Chapter 6 : La concordance des temps au subjonctif

A smooth and intuitive learning method

Priscilla, our head of studies at alpha.b is passionate about the French Subjonctive and she is eager to teach it, in the easiest and funniest way to everyone so they can all feel confortable using it in their everyday life.

Our ultimate goal, whether it’s at school or now on our e-learning platform e-alphab, is to teach you French in the smoothest and exciting way as possible.

And we also want to make it accessible to everyone !

This is why you will be able to treat yourself with all the secret of the French subjonctive for just the price of 2 private lessons.

C’est pourquoi vous pourrez vous offrir tous les secrets du subjonctif pour le prix de 2 leçons individuelles.


The guarantee of an expertise

What will be different from other Subjonctive courses you can find online ?

Well, a lot of things.

First of all, alpha.b is a family-run school, and has been an established and well-known French school for over 25 years now.

It is the only school in Nice with the 3 main quality labels (national and international) that can attest that we are all very committed in giving you the best in anything we do.

So you can be assured that when we decided to start our e-learning platform, we wanted to offer the best e-learning experience for you.



How does it work ?

As soon as you buy the « Pack Subjonctif » you will immediately receive a .PDF file in French, English and German that will explain to you exactly how the e-learning platform works.

If you have any problems log-in to the platform, don’t hesitate to contact our assistance.

Is E-alphab compatible with all devises ?

To be able to give a high-quality product to our students, we collaborate with the Maskott society, a French e-learning company with more than 5 million users.

To start your training, you will sign in to the TACTILEO platform on your laptop, computer, tablet or mobile.

What will I receive in the pack ?

For each chapter (see the different chapter below), you will have different video lessons taught by Priscilla, our head of studies.

You will be able to watch the videos on the e-learning platform.

You will also have access to a written course, similar to the video course to make sure you understand perfectly the lesson.

After that, you will have some interactive exercices to test your knowledge about the lesson you just did.

You will be accompanied step by step by the e-alphab platform.

The « Pack Subjonctif » is structured in a way (with videos, summary sheets, exercices) that is gradual to make sure you understand everything and are fully prepared to move to the next level.

All the exercices are auto-corrective, we will indicate which answer is wrong and you will need to try again to find the right one.

For very difficult exercices, you will get access to explanation for this exercice.

How can I pay ?
The payment takes place directly on our website.

You just need to add the Pack Subjonctif to your cart, fill in the required information and the enter your credit card details.

The payment is 100% secured by Stripe and your banking information are not stored.

How long do you have to complete the training ?

This pack will be accessible for you during 4 months, starting on the day of the purchase.

It will give you plenty of time to watch all the videos and do all the exercices at your own pace without giving up.

We decided this length to give you purpose and discipline. We know by experience that without this time factor people have tendencies to give up more quickly.

But no worry, if you were not able to finish the pack in 4 months, you just need to contact us and we will extend your access for 5€/month for as long as you need